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Cyberstalking: Technology Risks for Victims

"Making it understandable for front line practitioners"

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Now includes the National Guidelines "Digital Stalking: Technology Risks for Victims" recently issued by the Network for Surviving Stalking and Women's Aid


"A very good professional course - the speaker had an in depth knowledge of the subject and areas that linked into the main area."

"Very useful, both professionally and personally."

"Amazingly informative, extremely valuable for my work role to support victims at high risk"

"This course was outstanding, it was an in depth look at how easy it can be to be tracked electronically (digitally stalked) and, most importantly, what you can do about it and how you can support others."



You don't have to be a "computer geek" to use mobile phones or computers to stalk someone. There are a lot of easy-to-use, free tools available online, or as downloadable applications for stalkers to use on a range of devices such as computers and mobile phones.

Stalking, harassment and bullying has gone digital. Perpetrators can now use the Internet, mobile phones and social networks to gather information, monitor, intimidate and humiliate their victims.

It has never been more important that all practitioners are aware of these risks.

This course will enable practitioners of any level or background to offer informed, up to date and practical advice to those they encounter who are either at risk from or already victims of this new and growing threat.


This course is designed for non-technical attendees. It will explain the technology and how it works in plain language.

It will cover the National Guidelines issued by the Network for Surviving Stalking and Women's Aid "Digital Stalking: Technology Risks for Victims"

It explains digital footprints and how they can be used to trace perpetrators.

It explains the key technology threats to victims, the risks they pose and advice on how to mitigate those threats.

It will provide step by step advice that non-technical people can easily use.


Who should attend

Those working in agencies, organisations or disciplines, including but not limited to the following examples would benefit from this one day training course:

  • Police
  • Domestic Violence Professionals
  • Housing Providers
  • Community Safety Officers
  • Local Authorities
  • HR professionals
  • Probation and Prisons
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Security and Close Protection
  • Social Services
  • The CPS
  • The Courts
  • Universities
  • Victims Services


Course Content

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand what is digital stalking
  • Understand how perpetrators use technology
  • Know how you can help to reduce victims' risks
  • Understand the resources available

Elements covered in this training include:

  • What is cyberstalking/ digital stalking
  • Warning signs of cyberstalking
  • Understanding Digital Footprints
  • Cookies and browser security settings
  • What are IP Addresses, IMEI and why are they useful.
  • How to find out where a website is hosted
  • Mobile phone geolocation risks
  • Social network privacy concerns
  • Account takeover and email hacking
  • Spyware and keyloggers
  • What are the signs someone has surveillance software on computer or mobile
  • How to make computer and mobile safe
  • Steps by step the actions domestic violence survivors should take
  • Password security
  • Managing multiple email accounts
  • Safety tools for victims
  • Preserving electronic evidence

The Trainer

Jennifer Perry

Jennifer Perry is an internet safety expert and consumer advocate. She wrote the first UK Internet Safety Guide for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Stalking in 2008. In 2012, she wrote new National Guidelines Digital Stalking: Technology Risks for Victims on behalf of the Network for Surviving Stalking and Women's Aid.

Jennifer worked for 20 years in marketing roles for consumer technology companies first in the computer and then in the internet industry. She started using her expertise to help e-victims in 2006.

She works with a wide range of stakeholders including: government, enforcement agencies, industry groups, security and legal experts as well as support charities. This gives her access to the latest thinking on e-crime and anti-social issues facing internet users. Using this collaborative work, she translates 'tech speak' into clear, easy to use information for consumers, helping them to resolve their problems and avoid becoming an online victim.

She helps organisations to develop their online safety strategies, support and policies. She provides training on social networks, online harassment/stalking and reducing online risks.

Jennifer covers a wide range of e-crime topics: fraud, e-shopping, offensive material, social networks. She has a particular interest in online harassment and stalking. She works with domestic violence professionals to help women being cyberstalked by their ex-partners to stay safer. Jennifer was founder of E-Victims.Org a charity that helped victims of online crime.



To attend one of the open programme academy events for this course (shown below) the cost per delegate is £200 + VAT.

This one day training course can also be delivered "in house" to your organisation network or partnership at the rate of just £2000 per day (maximum 30 delegates per day)

To find out more about "in house" training with the CSP Academy please click here

Open programme events

The next open programme dates for this course will be posted here when available. 

Why not host an in house course?  To discuss this course further please contact us on 0845 299 7144 or email learning@cspacademy.ac.uk.

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